Why you should read this blog…

You should read the Sceptical Mum blog if…

1. You have a sense of humour and don’t take everything at face value.

2. You are willing to accept that a lot of things about modern parenthood are stupid and need making fun of.

3. You believe being a parent is one of the most important things in a person’s life.

4. You recognise that being a parent is not the ONLY thing in a parent’s life.

5. You have nothing better to do.

You should not read the Sceptical Mum blog if…

1. You are looking for parenting tips. I don’t have any.

2. You are looking for recipe ideas. Some mums are great cooks – I am more like the mum out of Three Men and a Little Lady.

3. You are easily offended when it comes to parenting. I will probably have a go at every type of parent going at some point.

4. You refer to yourself in the third person as ‘mummy’ when talking to someone other than your child.

5. You have something better to do.


One response

  1. Great blog, suits me well, largely because I don’t have anything better to do… Plus the sense of humour thing too (I hope.)

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