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Blog posts on this site are displayed in reverse chronological order on the home page. However, if you want to have a nosy around and find posts on topics you are interested in you can use the drop down menu attached to this page which links to posts according to (vague) topic.

If that still seems a little daunting, here are a couple of my favourites to get you started…

Mothers’ Day

Five books every mum should read

In defence of the working mum

Is it selfish to go away without your children?

5 children’s songs that ruined the world

This final one is a little off topic as it’s not really about being a mother, but it is about being a woman and the sexism which sadly still affects us in many ways. It was written in response to the everyday sexism campaign, was difficult for me to write but will hopefully provide some real food for thought about the way we want to bring out our own children, especial your boys…

Everyday sexism: a personal post


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